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:information_source: Summary Displays the most recent post/reply excerpt in topic lists
:eyeglasses: Preview :exclamation:REQUIRES PLUGIN :exclamation:
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In topic lists, this will display the most recent (aka highest) post excerpt below the title (or topic excerpt). It requires a plugin to actually have the highest-post data available.

Also includes settings to display the excerpt avatar, a reply icon, and limit excerpt rendering to a single line. There is also an option to show topic excerpt which is similar to Topic List Excerpts but works in a different way.


With default setting and show topic excerpts.

With avatars and limited to single-line:

With no topic-excerpt


Add setting to limit to certain categories?


I have searched for it for months. Thank you very much for this.

IS there a way to make it compatible with this plugin? Because in mobile its shows 2 times thé latested avatar

The latest post excerpt only works if i désactive thé other plugin

Ah I didn’t notice that until now, thanks. I’ll look into making this component show the OP as the primary avatar when excerpt-avatars are enabled.

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Added a setting to use the topic-creator avatar instead of latest-poster on mobile.

So you shouldn’t need that “Show both OP and last reply on mobile” component @David_Ghost

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Thank you. Its works as expected but it’s weird to see 2 times the OP avatar on mobile. It should bé just the first one at the left

I just pushed an update to the mobile styles that takes care of that.

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The Topic List Excerpts component has a bug so I added a new option here to show topic excerpts so that component is not needed.

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hey, is this theme component leaving any leaving any residual when it’s uninstalled?

i"m having issuess with “Topic list excerpt” now. As it’s shows much more text, it shows the avatars this way:


but I’m not sure if there is any conflict with your plugin/ theme component

I’m not seeing that, so let me know what you are using and I’ll try to reproduce:

  • Web Browser
  • Theme
  • Any other theme components?
  • Have you made any custom CSS changes/additions?
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Thank you for help. I’m using chrome, the default theme, 5 or 6 theme components. I have already uninstalled one by one but its works perfect if i disable topic excerpts or enabling the safe mode.

I have some CSS codes for the logo and 2 or 3 things for the mobile view, i have already tested whitout it but i got the same problem as you Can see here:

You Can try to reproduce by installing your plugin +TC, uninstall, and install thé topic list excerpt back

Looks like a problem with this topic, where part of a url results in an excerpt with a long unbroken line:

Discourse is not removing the url from the excerpt and there is no max-width on the column so the word-wrap: break-word; doesn’t apply.

You might be able to fix this by adding this CSS which seems to force the long line to break even without a max-width:

.topic-list .topic-excerpt span {
    overflow-wrap: anywhere;

(My theme component also has a single line setting which would avoid this issue)

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Ohh thank you very much. Very kind of you. Its working fine now and it was not a problem in your side.

Thats weird how a topic can break things. I tried so many solutions to try fixing it

Thanks again

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