ImageMagick is not installed on my server (one more)

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On Discourse 1.2.0.beta6 (and with few other version) I’ve fot a problem with my Discourse installation.
I saw other topic with same problem but nothing works on my Digital Ocean hosting …

  • Try to rebuild docker container : it works … one day … the other day, I’ve to
  • Try to reboot server, it’s also works … but every morning I loggin into Discourse entity, it display same problem and avatar, image resize doesn’t not work anymore :frowning:

Also other bug is coming back : the upgrade pages gave me a blank one … Same things, it work one day, I’ve to rebuild container every morning …

Any idea dear Discourse team ?

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Yes, there is a memory bug in the very latest version that @sam is working on. Update to latest via SSH and ./launcher rebuild app

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I see that on this topic before posting but I wasn’t shure it was linked to my other problem of blank upgrade page after one day.

I rebuild now and make a feedback tomorrow morning :slight_smile: Thanks to you @codinghorror

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After few days, even with last discourse version, image magick is getting out of order after 2 days :frowning:

(Jeff Atwood) #5

You have to use the latest version as of a few hours ago. I believe it was only fixed a day or so ago.

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I’ve upgrade to 1.2.0 Beta8 thanks

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