Images are not visible in post

Hello friends ! I am new to Discourse for the first time, so I do not have much experience. Hope you can help me display images in the article. Currently it is experiencing the following error:
Thank you!

It sounds like you are seeing this text instead of the image:


The problem may be that the markdown link that you are seeing is surrounded by HTML tags. Try opening the post’s editor by clicking its ‘edit’ icon:

Clicking the pencil icon will open the editor. Search for image text in the editor and check to see if it is surrounded in HTML tags. If it is, add an empty line between the opening HTML tag and the markdown link.

If this is the cause of the problem, you can find more details about it here: Fix broken images for posts created by the WP Discourse and RSS plugins.

Let us know if this doesn’t fix the problem for you.

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So this is somehow related to WP-Discourse? How did you determine that from the first post, which makes no mention of WP at all?

The only time I’ve seen the issue of the markdown upload link being displayed in the cooked post content is when the markdown link is surrounded by HTML tags. This happens when a post that is created with HTML tags includes an image tag. It’s a known issue with posts published from WordPress sites, or pulled into Discourse from an RSS feed, but there may be other ways of triggering the issue.

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