Images disapper from the Builder Preview in encrypted message drafts after page reload

  1. Upload images to an enrypted message.
  2. Minimize it to save the draft.
  3. Navigate through multiple pages.
  4. Reload the forum completely
  5. Go back to the encrypted p2p message
  6. Open the draft
  7. All images are lost

Note: If I submit the post nevertheless, the images appear in the posted message - they are there. But the previous stops working and I could not find any workaround to let it display the images again while I’m still editing the draft.

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Another issue that might be either related to or the effect of the same bug:

Sometimes, when I Cmd+V an image from the buffer and into the editor, it uploads the image, but shows a wrong image in the preview.

The following screenshot demonstrateS how after pasting two different images into the text composer from the buffer with using Cmd+V, none of the images in the preview are what I have inserted: