Images in discourse mails not displaying in Outlook

Ever since I have more or less been forced to use MS Outlook, I have noticed that it would display images in some HTML mails but not in others. To be more precise: I have turned off the display of web-images which means Outlook displays this if there is at least one image to display in a particular email:

So, in some instances I would “click here” to download and display the images. In most cases. that will result in the email displayed in all the beauty of its images. But in some cases it would just change the above notification to this:

and the images are still not displayed.

I have not bothered to think much about this nuisance until now, because it turns out that at least some of the emails that discourse sends (e.g. the summary emails) also have that problem.

I am sure that this is not Discourse’s fault but Microsoft’s, but in practice, that unfortunately still means that it can only be fixed by Discourse…

Not sure what exactly the cause of the issue is and if it’s actually possible to fix, but is this post hints that it might not be a big deal after all, just a matter of slightly modifying the HTML code and CSS of the mails …

I just noticed that the images in the emails from the asana forum are actually rendered properly in outlook so I wonder if anyone knows how they do it?