Images not appearing after domain change

Good evening everyone,

I wanted to bring to your attention that there are some topics on our forum that have lost images and are displaying a broken icon. I’m not sure where to start looking for the issue, as not all pictures are affected.

We perform updates on a weekly basis to keep the forum running smoothly. I’ve also tried accessing the forum in admin/safe mode to check if it’s a plugin causing the problem, but there doesn’t seem to be any issues there either.


Have you recently changed Domain name?

There is a command line to rebake posts?(not sure off hand what it is).

On am affected post use thr wrench and try “rebuild hmtl” I used that on a forum I admin on when the company decided on a whim to change the to (later learned there was a command line option to fix all.posts)


Hi, @Heliosurge,

Yes, I recently changed domains, so, come to think of it, you are right in what you’re saying.

I’ll look deeper into this. Thank you very much.


You may want to look at this if you are going to rebake posts from command line.


See also Change the domain name or rename your Discourse


Hi there,

I originally used this method to change my domain but I realised that I missed out on this particular part.

After receiving a better understanding from @Heliosurge, I failed to comprehend this specific aspect and I should have asked for clarification. I assumed that I had completed all the necessary steps since everything seemed to be up and running after a couple of minutes. It wasn’t until I came across an older post that I realised my mistake.

I will start with this method first since I haven’t taken any action yet. However, I genuinely appreciate everyone’s replies. It’s great teamwork.

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