Images not displaying due to CDN?

I have an odd problem that popped up today, all images are not displaying:
and in the lightbox:
Everything has been working perfectly for weeks and it stopped this morning. I have had a few users report this same problem, but most users are having no issues.

I have tried different browsers, different devices, logged in as a different user, logged out, in safe mode, different isp, nothing works.

Some background: I am using s3 going through a CDN. I have not made any changes to anything from last night when it was working to now.

If I copy the link to the image I can open in a new tab without issue, so for some reason discourse isn’t displaying it, but only to me and few other users… :confused:

This is the definition of a CDN issue. If it is working for “some users” but “not you”, then it’s likely because those users are hitting a different CDN node, somewhere else in the world more geographically close to them.

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Makes sense, it has since come back up for me. I guess the only reason I thought it was a discourse problem is because when I copied the link and opened in a new window it opened up with no problem, any idea why that would be?

This can be closed, I switched to BunnyCDN and haven’t had a problem since.

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