Images of posts under review not displaying

I’m running discourse 2.7.0.beta5 on a 2GB Digital Ocean server.
All topics and replies require approval/moderation before posting on the forum.
All images are uploaded to AWS S3.

When I’m on the Review page many of the images submitted by users do not display (instead a blank space appears) until I approve the post. Alternatively, if I edit the post which in review and then save as is the image appears even without approving the post for the public to see.

When I right click on the blank image and open in new tab the url is simply the forum url. If I edit and save the post while in review and the image appears, that image’s url is the S3 bucket.

This makes me think that these images held in the review queue are possibly not uploading to S3 and maybe that’s why its not displaying until the post is approved?

Is there something I’m missing? Any ideas how to resolve this issue?

Here is the blank image:

And here is the image after I edit and save this post:

The uploads should be uploaded to S3 and an associated record should exist in the database. It has to be something else.

Any errors in the browser’s console? If you look at the browser’s network tab, are these images returning a 200?

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Hmm no errors in the console and the images aren’t displaying in the network tab. After I edit and save the post the image appears in the network tab. If I refresh the page the images disappear again and dont show in the network tab.

I tried to reproduce this locally with no luck. A placeholder image is displayed if the upload is missing.

Is the <img> element present when you inspect the HTML?

Thanks for your assistance.

The <img> element is present but the image url is not pointing to S3.

Here are some errors I’m now seeing in the console but I dont know if they have anything to do with this issue.