Imgur embeds broken

Imgur galleries used to show up with a nice onebox preview of the gallery, but this broke recently and just a link is shown. e.g.

I viewed this topic on Meta on May 26th and the preview was working, now it is not. The preview in the first post will show up if you try replying to that topic (or this topic), and pasting any imgur galley URL into the edit box, but you won’t see a preview for the URL you just pasted. The preview won’t be there if you refresh the page.

I saw the same behavior on a forum hosted at Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) also on May 26th, when they were running 1.2. The behavior is still there this week with 1.3.

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It’s because Imgur changed it on their end.

Hmm, that doesn’t explain why it was working here but not at my Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) forum at the same time (on May 26th). Is this broken until Imgur changes something back, or until Discourse releases a fix?

See @eviltrout’s answer here:

Here’s a little freaky magic for ya - you can get them working by attempting to reply with any imgur gallery URL.

obviously not a fix, nor real magic - sorry

I was about to submit this bug again but I found this.

However, as the last post shows, sometimes embeds spontaneously appear. So regardless of what imgur is doing, Discourse must be doing something weird as well.

For example, when I click edit in one of my posts, the gallery appears

Similarly, when I paste a gallery link on the editor, it appears, but disappears after a carriage return.

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Is this a timing issue in the composer, does typing a bit more kick it out of crazy mode ?

Not really, in fact right now I can’t even get it to appear at all.

@sam imgur embeds are using a <script> tag which gets excised from the final post by the html-sanitizer-bundle, but if you edit the post the script is loaded. we need a custom onebox for imgur albums.


We should do this as Imgur is a customer. Can you add it to your list @techapj?

To be fair, it would’ve gotten done anyways, eventually. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I just added custom Imgur onebox engine. Here are the features:

  • When Imgur image link is provided, it extracts the image and shows that, clicking on image will take you to original imgur link.


  • When Imgur gif link is provided, it extracts the mp4 video source and shows the HTML5 video player (with controls/autoplay/loop).
  • When Imgur gallery link is provided, it extracts the first image from the gallery and shows that, clicking on image will take you to original imgur gallery link.

(cc @eviltrout)


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