Imgur gallery should have some indication that it's an album

This seems like bad UX: there should be some indication that it’s an album (if it is).

Also adding the title/description would be nice (if it has one).


I agree.

Previously an imgur album link would show the title, a preview of a images in the album, with controls to cycle through the images in the album, and the current image comments below. I think at a minimum the imgur onebox should display the title and the number of images in the album to let the reader know they should go to imgur if they want to see the full contents of the album.

I’d really like to be able to cycle through images in the album within Discourse, but I can understand that may be a lot of work to add if the imgur onebox is now custom code within discourse instead of just using imgur’s scripts.

Sure @techapj can you add this to your list, show the gallery title and indicate people can click through. Maybe @riking can produce a quick mockup…

Any ETA on this fix?

Done via:

Here’s how the Imgur gallery will look now:

Clicking on gallery title or image will take user to original Imgur gallery.