Impersonate shouldn't clear notifications

I don’t think any activity should be tracked when impersonating. If I click the notifications button it should not clear the notification count. If I read a new topic it should still be unread for the actual user.

Currently it seems that anything I do as an impersonated user is reflected in the activity of the actual user.


I agree, I’m not sure of the purpose of the impersonate feature. In phpBB it was for testing out permissions, so the act was non-destructive. Here it just seems… shady.

As I understand it, there are two use cases for any feature of this type:

  1. View the state of the system as the target user would see it
  2. Perform actions on behalf of the user

To me, #1 is more “view as user” than “impersonate”. Impersonate has the implication of passing oneself off as someone else to obtain abilities one wouldn’t normally have, for example “impersonating an officer”. Even impersonation in some computer credentials and security contexts is for a user or process to obtain the credentials of another user or process to perform some action.

And #2 doesn’t have to be nefarious. “I can’t figure out how to delete this message and I just want it gone, can you help me out?”

It sounds like you want an additional mode to simply View As someone else?

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There a few related topics if you search for ‘impersonate’

But basically,

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