Implementing KCS

My company is moving from a traditional CRM to Discourse. We’ve been using the KCS process to document solutions to cases. I’m trying to figure out how to implement KCS within the Discourse support model and looking for suggestions on how to make this work. One thought is that an agent creates a thread in a private category while their case is being worked. When they’re done, the thread is locked and, if it makes sense to do so, moved into a public category for users and other agents to find.

Have any of you implemented KCS in Discourse? Should I be thinking about this differently? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



By KCS, do you mean Knowledge-Centered Support/Service?

If yes, then can you share what the limitations were with the traditional CRM and what you hope to gain by switching to Discourse?

As a general recommendation, using the Discourse-docs: Documentation Management Plugin for documentation and leveraging Start a New Topic via Email ✉ for incoming email support can be very powerful.


You can implement this with 2 plugins

  1. Discourse Assign Plugin
  1. Discourse Solve Plugin

Thanks Osioke. I’ll take a look at those plugins. I think they’ll be helpful.

The move is not about limitations with the CRM. We’re moving to a support model that revolves around the community. to that end, we’re updating our overall support workflows with the community as the primary entry point for issue reporting and discussion.

Thanks again for the suggestions.


Thanks Gavin. I’ll take a close look at these two plugins. Much appreciated!