Import Database

Team, have taken a backup of my site, extracted the contents to my local disk, and drilled down until I have gotten the dump.sql file.

Should it be possible to import this is into a local install of PostgrSQL on my workstation? It is fighting me back all the way, so I thought I would check to see if there are any gotchas I should know about.

When I say fighting back, it hangs the workstation, throws no errors, so it is frustrating.

Yes. I usually do this by running discourse and restoring the whole thing, but you spoilt be able to restore the dump to postgres.

Is postgres or your os out of ram?

That does sound frustrating.

What exactly did you do, and at what point after that does it hang?

When you say “hang”, what does that mean? Does the command line process stop responding even to ctrl-c, but nothing else works? Or does everything become unresponsive? When that happens, does the mouse still move?

When whatever happens happens, is it all suddenly and at once, or does it get gradually worse (even if quickly so)?

What is the hardware you are running this on? What else is going on on that system?

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Yes, it’s a standard pg_dump file, so it can be restored as a normal PostgreSQL backup via either psql or pg_restore.