Import Error: about.json does not exist, or is invalid

I am developing a theme component and I want to put it under version control.
I started off in the editor at /admin/customize/themes. I exported the edits and put the files in git in a dedicated src folder. Then I compressed the src folder using apple’s build in context menu. When I tried to install with “Form my device” I get this:

Import Error: about.json does not exist, or is invalid. Are you sure this is a Discourse Theme?

I included but did not change the about.json. When I unzip i see the same file-folder structure as in the export.

I tried quoting the null values and leaving out the properties with the null values. Still the same error message.

What can i do?

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I suspect you compressed the folder including the folder name itself.

But if you want to put your theme component under version control then you should not reupload it. You should install it “From a Git repository” or even (much) better: use the Discourse Theme CLI console app to sync changes.


Indeed, when compressing the items in the folder, it works.

Thanks Richard!