Import into hosted service

Just trying things out here. We’re currently on phpBB 3.0. I started the free trial for hosted service.

Then I read this:

And it is talking about a myriad of complexities I hoped to avoid like installing Discourse manually and then using some crazy Docker stuff just to import from phpBB. Is the only way to import from phpBB by doing this all manually?

If you pre-pay for a year of Business class hosting, the team will import your old forum for you.

If you’re not interested in the hosted service, you’ll have to figure it out with the help available here on Meta and whoever else you can find (tech people you know, and #marketplace, but I don’t remember anyone exactly volunteering to do imports at a set price).


I thought @pfaffman does them, you could visit his site to figure out the pricing.


Indeed he does, @cpradio! Thanks. For the past year my entire income has come from Discourse imports, installations, and support and a tiny bit of hosting.

Because every import and importer is different, it’s hard to tell from my site that typical imports run from $500-1000 (and up), depending on how big the forum is and how many things need to be changed (does the importer support your avatars, attachments, the broken import you did from some other forum) and how quickly you need things done.

I’ve never done a phpBB3 import; I can only presume that’s because it works so well.