Import mbox/mbx with attachments

I am following Gerhard’s nice thread Importing mailing lists (mbox, Listserv, Google Groups, emails, ...) on importing mbx posts.

However, it doesn’t mention attachments. How does discourse import deal with attachments?

I am importing mbx files from Eudora. In those files the attachments are referenced with text such as, Attachment Converted: “C:\Data\Email\Attachments\Imagination Mode 3.gif”.

Eudora is able to recognise those attachments, even if they are in a different configured folder.

How can I include attachments in my import?


The import script assumes that attachments are stored within the mbox file. You’ll need to modify the script in order to import converted attachments.



Do you mean the file, /var/www/discourse/script/import_scripts/mbox/importer.rb?

I am not familiar with ruby or the libraries/classes being called here, could you give me a clue on what needs to be modified please?

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Any suggestions on what I would need to do here?

Or could I put the attachments somewhere on the server and then link to them from the message? I can change the reference path to a URL, if necessary.

If I were you, I would try to migrate your mbx files from eudora to thunderbird mbox files. Thunderbird keeps the attachments in the mbox which is what the importer looks for.


Thanks. Following your suggestion I am using Aid4Mail to convert from Eudora mbx’s to standard mbox files. It includes the attachments inline. They import successfully into Thunderbird, though I don’t need them for that.

Importing into Discourse I use the regex ^From .*@.* [0-9]{4} to find the email delimiter of this sort of form, From xxx@yyy.EDU Mon Oct 18 14:49:04 1999.

The attachments display now in the Discourse posts.