Import (migration) tool from FluxBB

Dear Colleagues,

We are a very small (but big hearted) team of volunteers working in our spare time to migrate the old Ubuntu Romania Forum from FluxBB to Discourse.
Over the years, our forum evolved into a community which has provided and enjoyed free, competent and prompt support and assistance to hundreds of users on thousands of topics related to the use of Ubuntu operating system. However, the FluxBB platform we have be using became utterly inadequate to accommodate our needs. And then we looked to Discourse and chose it as our replacement of choice for its many features and high versatility.

Over the last week we have managed to complete the full localization of Discourse to Romanian (on Transifex), and currently we are making fine tunes to the translation on an on-line testing environment.

Once that is completed, we plan to move the old forum to Discourse.
I saw here that you have a quite large number of importing tools from other platforms to Discourse, but unfortunately (for us), there is no import tool from FluxBB.

This topic is to kindly request an import feature from FluxBB to Discourse.

We would also be most grateful if you could give us your ideas about how we can accomplish this migration and to what extent (categories,topics,replies,users, passwords, etc).

Many thanks, on behalf of our team.
Raz Taz


Ubuntu is a key part of our technology stack, so we’d be happy to sponsor the development of a FluxBB import script. We’ll pay $500 for an open source script and a basic #howto writeup. If anyone’s interested, send me a PM.

Update: Well that was quick. Seems we’ve got someone already. Stay tuned for updates.


Import script should be in Ruby only?

Anyway I will try to create the tool in Ruby itself.

Yes, we’d like to include it alongside our other import scripts.


Okay. I will start working on it.

I am not an expert in Ruby. So it may take sometime.


Wow. Guys, thank you so much for your support. I’m impressed: that was fast. Let us see then where it goes.


That’s what I get for sleeping! I’d have gladly taken this on. Sometimes I’m in the wrong timezone, I guess. :slight_smile:

I’ve written a few importers. If the database is in mysql, I recommend starting with the vanilla_mysql importer.

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sorry @pfaffman. I spent few hours on this and I hope I can do this without much troubles. Anyway if you are still interested to work on this task you can take it.

Thanks, @vinothkannans! I was partly kidding, and I’ve got a couple other projects going right now, so go for it! If you decide that you can’t or don’t want to do it, let me know and I’ll take a stab at it.

A couple pointers: this file defines the database, though you’re probably just as well off poking in the database. This function appears to have all the BBCode stuff that you’ll need to deal with translating.


Thank you @pfaffman. I just created a PR regarding this script.

But still doing few changes & testing in my branch. Including bbcode conversion and etc.,


It’s done. Now it can me merged to master :thumbsup:


FYI the fluxbb importer is now merged in, @Raz_Taz let us know how you go and ping @vinothkannans if you get stuck somewhere



And I released the related #howto topic below


Dear Colleagues,

First of all, I (and all my colleagues) would like to warmly thank you for your fast support and sponsorship in our attempt to migrate our community forum to Discourse. What a wonderful team you/we are!

These days we are making some cosmetic upgrades (theme, link between the forum and the website, etc) and final testing.

One question we have about the import tool is if it will work with FluxBB 1.2, which is the current version of our old forum.

We will be in touch and I will contact Vinoth directly for some further info.

Many thanks,
RazTaz (on behalf of