Makeshift but working flarum import script

Just gone live with my first ever discourse site with content migrated from a broken site built on Flarum a couple of major versions back.

After figuring out the database model of the Flarum site I found the fluxbb import script to be the closest to what I needed. I managed to modify it to make it work and once in Discourse I never looked back. However now that I am live I thought it might be nice to give back what helped me so nicely.

Beware I am not at all a experienced developer, this is just plain old tinkering so it will be full of mistakes, fluxbb code that is just commented out, etc. Probably not the best way to do it but it worked. If anyone capable of doing so could clean it up properly it might just be a proper addition to the import scripts folder.

flarum_import.rb.gz (2.6 KB)

Happy to explain what I think I did! :rofl: