Imported user entire posting history automatically flagged as spam


We had some strange behavior with one of our users.

It is a user that has been imported from a phpBB website.

All of his posts have been flagged as spam by @System.

The only idea that I have on what could have happened is that he attempted to post something with an attachment but since his trust level was 0, it didn’t get through.

Could this have flagged all of his previous posts that have attachment as spam?

Is there a quick way to mark as not spam all of his posts?


Do you have good reason(s) for not giving them Trust Level 1 so as to avoid the New user anti-spam measures?


Does this user have a lot of links to a specific website / domain in their posts?


That’s actually what we have done on all imported users now that we have seen this happen.

It’s an imported users so yes, there are several links to one of our website that now redirect to the current Discourse instance.

Could this be the reason? Now that we have moved everyone to trust level 1, do you think that this would happen again?

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That should solve the “New member making multiple posts with links to the same domain” problem.

Depending on whether or not you have blacklisted any domains or keywords I think that should be good enough to not trigger an anti-spam measure.

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