Importing from Workplace by Facebook

I’m interested in promoting the use of an internal Discourse at work.

We currently use Workplace by Facebook, and I’m building the case to migrate to Discourse.

Has anyone migrated posts and maybe groups from Workplace to Discourse already?

From Frequently Asked Questions about Workplace | Workplace by Facebook, there is the following note (under “Why should my company pay for Workplace Premium […]”):

The company retains ownership of the data their employees post in Workplace, and have mechanisms to export that information and manage its community in ways that are not available on Facebook or Workplace Standard.

So I assume it’s possible, we’ll have the Premium setup, but no idea what the format looks like or if it’d be possible to import into Discourse.


I am not aware an importer for Workplace now, but if they will indeed let you export your data, I can write an importer for it.

Please see Discourse Migration – Literate Computing, LLC for some basic information on imports. As I point out there, if you are going to use hosting, they may be willing to import your data as part of their support, so you should be in touch with them as well.

In addition to the other questions at the link above, I will need at least a sample of whatever their exported data looks like to give you a complete estimate.

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Thanks Jay, have read about your work migrating mailing lists previously!

We would indeed be going with the option if this materialises. But thought I would get in to the swing of Discourse and see if anyone had done this before.

Can’t see any documentation on what it may look like but I’ll try and find out.

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Wow you’ve been gone for… (checks notes) almost 6 years? Welcome back, this is quite a long game you’re playing @samp :wink: