Install emailing using Namecheap email hosting

(mootzoo) #1

Trying to install discourse.

Domain is hosted my Namecheap.
Using Namecheap email hosting. address is set to
Using Digital Ocean for VPS Hosting.
Email between - work fine (both ways)
Not receiving the email from the Discourse install. Cannot activate.

in the app.yml:
developer emails
smtp server:
Port 587
mypassword (that i login with on the web email hosting)

Any help would be appreciated.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Please list your results from every step of the email troubleshooting howto topic.

(Kane York) #3

Are you sure that the mail server password is the same as your login password…?

(Stephen) #4

For namecheap it isn’t, no.

A good step to test any mail account is to connect it to, windows mail or similar.

(mootzoo) #5

first time setting up a system like this…and I didn’t have a clear picture on how it all works.

figured it out, using zoho mail.

thanks for the help.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

What was the problem?