Why are Groups all Visible?

when I search a discourse with /groups I will see all the groups which I feel really confused.

Like this:

meta.discourse.org/groups will get

You see, I believe we should let a normal user only can see the groups that they can join( by requesting or just join)
. What are all the other groups doing in this page.

Plus, I do think the groups function can be really important. So why is there not a button which can show

  • all the groups I’m already in.

  • all te groups that I can join.

Do we always have to see the groups by adding “/groups” ?

P.S. I also feel quite odd to let anyone see all the users by just typing “meta.discourse.org/users”. Shouldn’t it be only the managers that can see such information?

If you don’t want groups to be visible mark the group as not visible.

If you don’t want the user directory turn it off in site settings.


Just go to settings in the admin side and disable.

I agree the Groups page needs more redo. I do not care why. I would in addition not like to see the formal name of the group (the one with the underscore). I agree it should be a functional way to see the groups you are in and can join. It is also useful to show the ones you are not able to be in. For example, we have two groups of users that are special, Experts & Ambassadors. While people cannot join them, it is helpful to know who they are. Also good for staff listing.

Not for me. There is the ability to block from users who are not logged in. Also in the settings.


Yes, got it. How fool I am.


You can remove the “formal” name with the following CSS

.groups-table .groups-info .groups-info-name {
display: none;

Sorry, I don’t quite know how to edit CSS, could you please show me how to input such things?

Go to Admin > Customize >Themes (or CSS if you are on an older release of Discourse)

Add the CSS to your default theme under Common
or create a theme component so you can add it to multiple themes.

If you are on an older release of Discourse just use the CSS tab to create a new CSS item. Make sure you also add it to the mobile option and check the box to activate the CSS.

If you can’t sort it out, just reply with where you are stuck.


I’ve used such CSS. Perfect!!! Thank you very much.

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