Improve support for Tags in the UI

(Alex Armstrong) #1

Overview page

Now that “Tags” is bundled into the core, the overview page (/tags) could use some love. It would be nice if you could add it to the top nav from the admin (without adding custom code) and also to preserve the top nav on the page itself, as is the case with the categories overview page (/categories).

(Alex Armstrong) #2

Come to think of it, why not extend this treatment to other overview pages: /badges, /users, /about, and (when it’s added :wink:) /groups?

(Alex Armstrong) #3

Drop down search dialog

The search dialog should include tags, along with users and categories. Relatedly, it should also include groups.

(Neil Lalonde) #4

Agreed that tags are missing in some places, especially the Suggested Topics list and search results. Adding them is on my to-do list.

I’m not sure about showing the topic list nav above the tags index though.

It looks like those filters apply to the content below, but they don’t. “New (68)” means there are 68 new tags? 1 Unread tag? They don’t go together.

(Alex Armstrong) #5

It’s no more confusing than the built-in categories overview page:

Does “New (36)” mean 36 new categories?

If you mock up the page with a highlighted Tags button, you’ll see that it makes just as much sense as does Categories. (But it does highlights that the top bar is quite dense and that the information there is not symmetrical.)

(Jeff Atwood) #6

This argument is nonsensical. So rather than fixing Categories, add more cases where the topnsv is out of place?

(Alex Armstrong) #7

When you put it that way… :smiley:

Admittedly, in my OP I hadn’t fully thought of the implications. I had assumed that “Categories” was OK, and therefore “Tags” was OK as well. But if “Categories” is confusing, then I don’t have a suggestion.

My hunch is that the “Categories” label is OK. Not all menu items have to be versions of the same thing. They are all different views into the site’s content, it’s just that not all those views are lists of topics. In this case, adding /badges, etc. as I had suggested, is a probably a bad idea.

(Alex Armstrong) #8

:bell: Bumping this topic to remind @neil that this feature is still missing: Improve support for Tags in the UI

(It’s not mission critical, but I run into it all the time.)

(Neil Lalonde) #10

You mean adding tags to search results? Sure, but it’s a bit late to sneak it into the 1.8 release. I’ve assigned it to me.

(Alex Armstrong) #11

Yes. Groups as well, in symmetry with users, unless there’s a reason I haven’t thought of.

I’ve actually stopped updating Discourse until I can figure out how to handle a missing feature, so I’ll be happy as long as it gets implemented sometime :slight_smile: