List groups that user has access to in /groups

There also seems to be no way to get to a list of ‘groups’ for a non-admin user, while /badges, /users and /tags all work as expected.

I propose that /groups shows all groups, with a lock beside ones that the user cannot access.

Alternatively, that it shows only the groups the user has access to.


I would like to add that either it lists the users in that group or if you click on the goup name it provides a list of users in that group.


Discoverability of groups is an issue. Unless you see someone @mention one, or drill down into peoples’ profiles, there’s no way for a new user to know what groups there are.


Yes, I agree this would be a good change, along with a number of group related improvements. I think some are listed in #releases for 1.7.


Super excited to see this, and that there Will be improvements to groups.

I’d love to be able to export a copy pastable list of group members, to be able to write to them all or mention them by name.

Also maybe the option to allow groups to be used to start private messages to a list of users instead of in the newer group inbox. that way we could start conversations with a more granularly created list of people, and add and remove people as the message evilves.