What about adding tags in the top menu?

Did you think about adding the ability to include a link to /tags or /tags/tag_name as an item in the top menu ?


Mockup please?

I realize our Tagger is different, but IMHO the way it is accessed works fine

The main problems I see with it are that

  • it needs work in the “Create Topic”
  • Tags are often used inappropriately

And disregard the border color around the tags (that isn’t actually how it is shown on our instance).

Thanks, I tend to forget I have my userscripts mucking about.

Something like this ?

Maybe with an option such as |Tags| or |Tags/mytag| in the top menu setting ?


Also, the tags seem to appear in a pretty random order and are difficult to find - especially in “Create Topic”. Editing a topic presents them alphabetically, which makes them easier to work with, IMHO.


So… is this feature find a place in your sweet hearts ? :heartpulse:

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I think this would be logical to have an option to add it as an item in top menu. :+1:
We already have the page (https://meta.discourse.org/tags) anyway.

I think it would be neat if we had an additional setting in /admin that defines a threshold of minimal use for a tag to be listed there.
For example: I would like /tags to list only tags that have been used more than once.

I have said for a long time … it’s criminal that we don’t allow admins to place arbitrary links in topnav.

That would solve this and many more issues.


Adding the links is the easy part, the hard part is maintaining the breadcrumb. If we allowed admins to add “Tags” or “Users” there we also need to allow to carry the top nav around and keep it highlighted.


+1 on this feature. I’m hoping to move all of our knowledge base articles over to Discourse from Zendesk, but we currently have Docs>Category>Section>Article, which in Discourse will need to translate to Tag (i.e. tag all kb articles “DCU” which is our branding for docs)>Category>Sub-category>Topics. In this case, I’d like to be able to put the “DCU” tag in the top menu.

Any workaround suggestions in lieu of there not being an admin setting for this? I’m going to ask our engineers to see if someone can work on this, but would be great to point to an example or workaround. Thanks!

Was just searching to see if this feature was hidden away somewhere. Tags are important and hidden; we need a way to surface them on the front page. A menu item the likes of “Latest” and “Top” would be ideal for us.

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There is a feature to put a Tags drop down in front of that menu in the admin area.

Setting is show filter by tag


Thank you @cpradio! :sunglasses:

I am trying to find this option (using the search for site settings) and can’t find it. Version: 1.5.0.beta2

Look admin > settings > plugin.

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It is definitely in the tagging plugin supported by the Discourse Team

The tagging plugin we have is v0.1 and this is the screenshot of the config settings for that plugin. A search on all site settings for ‘filter’ or ‘tag’ brings up nothing similar to what you describe.