Improve the invite only option?


Public registration is disabled, all new users must be explicitly invited by other members or staff.

So with the default option only users with level one can invite other members? Is there any other way to allow people to sign up for beta?

Like users who have the referral code can only join the forum or allow users to enter their email to request the invite like pinterest did in the past.

Can we add this to discourse? I am really in need of this. It will encorage more people to join the forum.

Sure this already exists – staff can send invites from their user page, (see the Invites tab) or individual topics (look for the Invite button at the bottom of each topic).


I have been using this feature from months. I just want an option where people can leave their email to get access to the forum like pinterest did in their early betas.

It sounds like you want new account approval on, then?