Improved Bookmarks with Reminders

I am actually against a site setting here, you can post a theme component though if you feel like it


No, there is no way to do this at the moment. Sorry!


Additionally, any customization restoring the old behavior is going to be unstable until all the cleanup work (changing usages of bookmarkWithReminder to just bookmark) is done.

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I think it also worth mentioning that the old behavior was that we had a button almost nobody ever clicked that performed an action nobody really cared about. And we have plenty of stats to back that up.

I am very much against “restoring old behavior” cause people … have reasons…

If your really hate bookmarks why not just disable bookmarks.


Yes exactly, just remove it from the list of commands on the post if you really want to be rid of bookmark. It’s kind of a useless feature as it existed before anyway… literally the only thing it was good for is cross-browser cross OS “bookmarks” which is such a narrow use case.


Ok, so following the “theme component” route is the right way to get this done? I’m not going to try to convince y’all to do this… but I hope it’s okay to ask for some guidance on how I can accomplish this for my setup.


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It was a productive day today. The following PRs were merged, and all except the last is now live on Meta:

And FIX: Do not save bookmark if close (X) on modal is clicked by martin-brennan · Pull Request #9541 · discourse/discourse · GitHub should be merged soon. I also have a PR up to change the /bookmarks-with-reminders URL back to /bookmarks, hoping to merge that tomorrow FIX: Change bookmarks-with-reminders URL back to bookmarks for user activity by martin-brennan · Pull Request #9566 · discourse/discourse · GitHub.

The “Topic user bookmarked column logic was not correct” fix should be live on Meta in the next couple of hours. Later this week we will be cutting another beta release for all of these fixes.


Another update – both of these PRs are now merged and there are no outstanding bugs. I am now just working on a final PR to rename variables etc. like bookmarkWithReminder back to bookmark.


I’ve implemented single click, no dialogue, bookmarking from the Topic List in the Topic List Previews plugin (which still allows you to use rich bookmarking from Topics)

It might not be stable for a few days as I try to keep pace with all the core changes but yesterday it was working!


That’s awesome, thank you!


The final PR is now merged. We should have a new beta out in the next day or so. There are now no outstanding issues with the new bookmarks :star2:.


Excited to use with the new release. Just 1 question.

  • Do the bookmark reminder notification send email (if the user is not logged in)?
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You will get a count of unread high priority notifications in your user digest email (which bookmark reminders contribute to) but apart from that no, you receive no reminder via email.

You can also sync bookmarks with your calendar Sync Bookmark Reminders with your favorite Calendar app.


I have just merged in another change that will be live on Meta within a couple of hours. There is now a hidden option in the bookmark modal that will delete the bookmark once the reminder has been sent. We remember which option you choose in local storage, so this behaviour will be the same for each bookmark you create.



The idea that people would use browser bookmarks amuses me, so I’m very glad that Discourse still has a bookmarks feature. I frequently bookmark posts here, but it would never occur to me to add a bookmark to my browser. Guess I’m weird.


I’ve added another PR now that fixes the issue here is showing, and also adds the bookmarked post user avatar to the bookmarks list. It will be merged soon:

cc @Ellibereth , I know in an earlier post you mentioned you wanted to see the avatars, and @exetico for the URL change.


I’d be nice if the “What is this bookmark for” field’s information was utilized more. Right now the only way to see that information is from the full bookmark list in your profile or opening the bookmark itself. I think it would be more useful if it was used in the bookmark list from the dropdown menu and/or if it was included in the reminder notification.


Reminders don’t have any extra info so how do you see that working? Add an entirely new area of functionality, just for this?


Rather, I wonder if the text in that field (if set) should replace the topic title in the notification. Just a thought.


I somewhat agree with you. This may not be very obvious, but you can see the “what is this bookmark for” information when you hover over the reminder notification. We already have the information when we notify, but we didn’t want to create a different notification format just for this feature.