Improving consistency in Admin Customize


Hello, I’ve had two occurrences of people hitting “delete” in Customize/CSS or Customize/Colors to “cancel changes” (i.e., a no-op). I also noticed an inconsistency between the two pages that I think could be bettered.


  • move delete near the customized element name
    (was: where “export” is on Customize/CSS, see next reply)
  • move import / export where import is on Customize/Colors
  • move the Save etc. toolbar on Customize/CSS where it is on Customize/Colors
  • make the “New” button green on both pages

The result would look something like this:


Actually the “Delete” button could be with the customization theme name, as it applies to it.
Having it on the opposite side of the page isn’t really useful or intuitive.

Maybe an :x: after the name is more intuitive.