Improving Discourse Policy for large groups

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The reason is the UI isn’t designed to display that many acceptor avatars. We have 1500 users who have accepted this policy and many avatars don’t show up.



What would be happening there is a flood of rate limiting from NGINX most likely.

If we were to support very large groups like this we would have to have some sort of pagination.


After a certain number of users is exceeded, avatars kind of become useless, nobody wants to look at 1500+ avatars.

My question here would be… what are you trying to achieve?

Are you just wanting to confirm that a particular user has accepted the policy?

If so, maybe just show the first 50 or so avatars + add a button that renders a modal where you can search for a certain user’s status.

Are you trying to get a gauge on the percentage of users that have accepted the policy? If so, the plugin could potentially display a progress bar based on how many members in the group have accepted the policy.


I would like to use the function for 160,000 from a UI perspective I need to see percentages completed broken down by various geographies or groups and some drill-down functionality to show smaller groups. In my needs, smaller groups would generally be around 5000.

We would ultimately use the data to push action on completing the acceptance.

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I’d want to

  • Motivate members to accept the policy (hence progress tracker)
  • Message those who haven’t accepted reminders
  • Look up a particular member’s status
  • Manually accept for someone if necessary
  • Automatically remove people who do not accept

I think the first thing we can do is just correct it so the UI does not collapse beyond a few hundred people, even just showing total counts and last 200 who accepted would be a significant improvement.

Then digging in can be done with data explorer if you need to partition the data.

As a customer feel free to send a message to to carefully specify your use case so we can look at how we would solve this problem for you.


I just want to use the plugin to grant membership, not necessarily show 1500 avatars. But there is no option *not to show the avatars. Just showing the number accepted and not accepted, or a progress bar, would be fine for me.

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Is the data already in data explorer? Is it just the UI a that sets the 200 limit described on the plug-in page?

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It should be under the post_policies and policy_users tables:

The issue is indeed that we can’t currently display much more than 200 users at a time in the UI without negative side-effects.

Would you be okay with the proposed solution of a progress bar + the last 200 users who accepted? Then on top of that a data explorer query that can help to track down users who have not accepted the policy?


Absolutely that’s would wok well, as long as the data can be used the ui doesn’t need to show it.

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Works for me, if it’s clear that those are just the last 200 who accepted, but there are 1516 total who have accepted.

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This was implemented, so closing.