Improving Navigation and User Experience: Retaining Current Category Selection for New Threads

Scenario: Go to a Resolved topic and click the 'Reply' button. You will then see the composer for replying. However, if you click the 'Start a New Topic' link on your right-hand side, the category will automatically switch to 'General'.

The user is already in a specific category. Therefore, I believe that when the user clicks on the link, the current category should not change to ‘General’ or any other category. The user must be able to create a new thread while remaining in their current category.

Furthermore, the text provided is a bit misleading. It suggests that if you have an ‘unrelated issue,’ you should start a new topic. But in this instance, when the user is attempting to reply to the topic, it’s highly probable they are experiencing the same problem or a closely related version of it. Therefore, the ‘Start a New Topic’ link should not direct the user to the ‘General’ category.

The following screenshot is taken after clicking the 'Start a New Topic' link.

Is there any setting to change this behaviour?


No, but you raise a good point and this should be improved.
I’m moving this to ux :technologist: