In-post referencing support (feature request)

Hello all, I admin two sites which, in cultural terms, sit between academic discourse and public policy analysis (one example). And consequently, this kind of idiom is common:

Morrison (2018) said xyz.

And later that reference is recorded, ofttimes in its own H1 section titled “References” and placed at the end:

Morrison, Robbie (April 2018). “Energy system modeling: public transparency, scientific reproducibility, and open development”. Energy Strategy Reviews. 20: 49–63. ISSN 2211-467X. doi:10.1016/j.esr.2017.12.010. Open access.

I looked though this site and found only this posting of relevance.

Also noting the way that Wikipedia handles referencing using <ref> tags, complete with great mouse‑over support these days. Note too that this tag is specific to Wikipedia and is not official HTML.

I presume no similar functionality exists in Discourse. The target references themselves can be set in markdown (as occurs above in the second quote). I am not suggesting that the various cite templates that Wikipedia offers are necessary. Nor that integration with a citation management utility (such as BibTeX, Zotero, and eventually WikiCite) is needed either.

Any pointers, thoughts, and/or expressions of support welcome, R

A mockup of a mouse‑over feature modeled after Wikipedia:


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Have a look here


@Joe, thanks. I’ll experiment. Numbered references are not my most favored citation style but one can mix numbered references with authors named passively in the text too. That is exactly how Wikipedia works, of course. And clearly the use of extended Markdown has advantages over inventing a new discourse‑specific HTML tag as earlier suggested. I guess the backstory is that discourse is increasingly being deployed in research contexts. Again thanks for your follow‑up. R

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Any reason why discourse-footnote does not have an MIT (or similar) license notice?

Bug… missing license file was added.