Move footnotes to a standard plugin

Currently, footnotes are only available as an “enterprise” plugin, with Discourse-provided hosting.

This creates a suboptimal experience now, since GitHub supports footnotes now (Footnotes now supported in Markdown fields | GitHub Changelog) and GitLab also has support for footnotes (GitLab Flavored Markdown | GitLab).

Currently, Discourse’s default markdown does not match GFM (for both the major git-based hosting providers for open source projects), with the primary missing piece being footnotes. It would be a good idea to bring the supported syntax back into being synchronised with GFM.

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Putting this in a separate post, because “new user can only post two links”.

Just making sure that you understand that self hosters are free to install it.

Your argument for moving it to core makes sense to me, though. Perhaps your “all your markdown friends are doing it” argument will be compelling!

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I admin a discourse instance in an academic context (here) and would really encourage footnotes to be built in as standard by default. Perhaps with a site config for admins to turn this feature off as needed.


This showed up on my (business plan) sites! Is this official? Is it Discourse Christmas?

(I’m still hoping to move to Enterprise once I get the company processes all… processed. But that’s proving slow, so this is exciting!)


Yes :slight_smile: we now include the plugin in all tiers