In the light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal

… is it time for Discourse to take the lead in Communities and displace FB groups?

I’ve personally been pushing the privacy/anonymity angle recently on one of my sites and about to do the same on the other.

Is this an opportunity for further differentiation with Facebook?


Well to be taken seriously by really privacy minded people discourse would first have to stop using google-analytics on their own site…

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It certainly won’t hurt us. The other angle is that many people are now considering leaving Facebook that hosting your community may make it more difficult to reach your target audience.

I trust Google a lot more than I trust Facebook. At least two orders of magnitude more. And I’m not alone in that feeling, either…


Are there any plans to remove Facebook login from discourse?

Its already optional.


Are there any negative side effects if one:

  • Has had Facebook login enabled before, and some users have used it.
  • But decides to boycott Facebook now and disables this functionality from Discourse?
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Users may need to reset their passwords (if they never set one in the first place), but there should be no other side effects.

You may want to provide some instructions for your users. Let them know that accounts are based on email addresses, so if they always logged in via FB they should do a password reset to their FB email address and use that to log in.


I’d consider discussing it with the community first.


Facebook login will help you scoop up the people currently active on Facebook and looking to switch over to your forum due to privacy concerns.

I would keep FB login enabled. It’s a big timesaver when signing up.

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