In the list of votes we have made, don't go to the last post; go to the topic post instead

Let’s say I’m full. No more votes allowed. So, I go to the votes page to see what I voted for so that I can remove some. So I can click on a topic.
I realise that it’ll go to the last post of the topic. The link isn’t the topic post; but instead the last post made. Inconvenient for topics with more than 50 posts (like the one I removed my vote from). Of course, I could use the scroll number thingy to go to the first post, where I can remove it.
I sugggest that since we’re removing votes, it should link to the first post, where the votes are.

How would it know you’re removing votes and not just checking on a topic you voted on?

Though you could click on the Replies number. That gives you a pop up option where you can choose to go to the first or last post if that’s any help?

Why not just clicking header of topic?

Well, maybe a button like ‘remove vote’ could be there so you don’t have to click into the topic? Or, you can tell what the topic is about if it links to the topic post; the information will be there.

Ah, that’s what I meant when I said:

Ah, that sounded like the timeline from within the topic itself. Just in case, I was referring to the Replies column on the topic list: