Inaccuracies with post count stats on User page

/users?order=post_count&period=monthly implies that it displays all users that made a post in the last month, ordered by post count.

If I scroll down to the end of the list there are users with replies logged for the period, that didn’t actually make any.

Here is an example: (1 reply recorded in the period of Jul 31 - Aug 31, last post actually back in March).

This user has never responded to a PM and has no flags.

Am I misunderstanding the report, or is the data unreliable?


Possibly a bug, particularly if the only post is out of date range. Let us know if you suss out any other patterns here.


I noticed some similar queetionable stats a week or so ago. Maybe they don’t get rebuilt right after an upgrade? Or sometimes it fails for some reason and old stats stay around?

I know newly joined members don’t make it into the User page for a while. AFAIK a once-daily sidekiq job.

The Admin -> Users -> Active and Admin -> Reports -> Visits look reliable. I am certain only 4 “members” logged in to my localhost dev site during the past week (in an attempt to repro multiple Notifications).

But the Users page has issues that I’ve looked into more than once but as of yet haven’t been able to get any solid leads let alone pin down.