User list statistics are simply wrong

I’m trying to understand how current /users listing works. The numbers are wrong or I have wrong understanding of user list.

Maybe somebody can explain it to me.

For example if I take default filter here on meta:


and scroll down… there is this user with 4 replies:

but looking at his user profile, I doubt he has been active in past week, because his last post is long time ago:

So where his 4 replies (and other stats) in user list came from? He’s got total 15 posts and none of them in selected time period… Stats should be only from selected week or am I getting it wrong?
Thank you in advance!


Looking at the data, I see that it isn’t timestamped… created_at: nil, updated_at: nil. So this could be old data from the last time they visited.


Does this fix it @neil ?

It did. nstemp isn’t showing with 4 posts in the last week anymore.