Inbound gutter post-links are not relative urls

inbound gutter post-links are not relative urls for example, in this post

there is a gutter post-links link like:

<a class="track-link inbound" href=""><span>Emoji in topic names πŸ˜›πŸ’œπŸ¦</span><span class="badge badge-notification clicks">3</span></a>

I think it would be better if the link href were β€œ/t/emoji-in-topic-names/33852/4”.

I think this is the same problem I reported in Putting a discourse development server behind proxy seems to mess up some (but not most) URLs but you cannot see the avatar problem on this site because this site uses a CDN for the avatars, and in that case, it makes sense to use an absolute URL instead of a relative one.

Not sure I understand. How are relative links better than absolutes?


Relative links let you use different host names, ports, and protocols (https/http) for the same server. This is helpful when using a load balancer and wanting to see the individual servers behind it. For example, maybe the SSL connection is terminated at the load balancer and you want to name your servers behind the load balancer for easier troubleshooting. Being able to use different host/port/protocols is also helpful in development because you can use different parameters than the production site. Absolute links that are internal to the forum are fine if they respect the hostname, port, and protocol.

I’m not sure if you think absolute links are better, but if you do, then there are a lot more links with the opposite problem.

These are not credible complaints for a production site.