Include version number in ‘Powered by Discourse’

That is great that actual end users like me can now see that what we are using is Discourse.

But then we arrive at the question: Discourse, but what version of Discourse?

E.g., in a browser we can click “About Google Chrome” and it tells us the version number.

Or, still supply a link to the version number, but show a reason why the version number cannot be shown, so the user clicking it knows it was not just an omission.

Or it could even be a dialog: “Why do you want to know the version number? Enter reason. Max: 25 characters.”



Revealing version number could introduce security risk ie iirc Stable is not as up to date as tests-passed

Though I believe a user may still use tools to identify version.

As long ago had member use knowledge of the forum not being updated to reflect exploit security issue that was patched in an update.

Powered by :discourse: is a nice touch. A visitor really doesn’t need the version number for this kind of bling imho.

Knowing what versions of software installed on your computer is a need vs knowing what software versions a website is utilizing.


Fine. Then please have some place in the side bars where the user can click a chrome-like “about Discourse” link. And if they are an admin, they can see the version number. And if they aren’t, they can see an explanation (like the points you mentioned) of why they are not allowed to know the version number. Thanks.

If you are an admin it shows on the dashboard.

The upgrade page shows also plugin versions.


I never dreamed that version info was that detailed. If we end users could see some of that, we could tell if our admin was “on the ball” or not. And even alert them that they are many versions behind. Or perhaps give up sticking around on a site that never is updated.

Or… Malicious users could learn of some critical security flaw that has been patched since that version, and exploit it.

Regardless, if any end user truly needs to find out what the version of Discourse is, they just have to check their browser console:

Discourse itself will do that on every major version bump.


Well you have to keep in mind Stable is always a few versions/updates behind.

As I mentioned before a member on one of the sites I was a mod on before becoming an admin. The company only installed the forum software and had not updated it for a long time even with me recommending/pressuring them to do so. The member as a result wanting to view a Beta Groups progress was able to use version info to be able to peak into the beta group’s category. While bad enough. What if the private category had contained confidential member info?

Which @Firepup650 has also reinforced this point. Sure members with good scruples like yourself would not use info like this in a negative way. There are many who would use version info to compromise site security.


I think my previous answer to your previous re-raise of the issue still stands… :slight_smile: