Inconsistency: a banner topic is not shown on the tag pages

It would be great to show the pinned topic on the tag pages, because the tag pages usually have high traffic from the search engines results pages (the search engines value them high on the tags keywords).


Just to clarify, are you saying that if a topic is tagged with “static-content” it is not appearing at the top of the tag results page?

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I’m seeing pinned topics in that view:

In that example, the 2nd topic was created after the pinned topic was pinned, and the 3rd topic has a new post that should bump it above the pinned topic. But the pinned topic stayed at the top.

Note that this is a global pin, not a pin within a category. There’s no category filter here, so category pinning isn’t relevant.


I meant the following banner:

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Oh gotcha. Banner topics. Yes it should be there.


I fixed this in discourse core, now that tagging is a core feature.