Inconsistency issue with Group page while searching any user


  • Go to hamburger menu>Group
  • Increased the Size of browser to 120 % So Side Scroll can be visible.
  • Search any user (Type more than 3 letter)
  • Scroll Down and Observe the issue.
  • Observe the issue
    Video link for the issue- Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

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Hey @Aman_Srivastava, I was able to replicate what you’re seeing when you search for users under the Group tab. However, I didn’t need to zoom in or type more than 3 letters. The page gets very jumpy as if it’s trying to load more members, even though it has all the members with the characters loaded. Like you I:

  1. Clicked the hamburger menu and selected Groups
  2. I picked any group and began typing random letters
    The first search didn’t show the jumpy screen but the second did
  3. When I typed ‘am’ into the search bar and began to scroll down the browser page began to jump or glitch as if it was trying to load more users.
  4. Scrolling up helped get me out of the jump.

I also replicated this on my forum groups page.