Inconsistent behaviour in UserUpdater class


Repro steps:

  1. Let’s create a user field and it has id 1.
  2. Run the second line of the below code twice.

Case 1

up =, User.find(1))
  1. You’ll see abc twice when you go to /my/preferences/profile

Surprisingly, when the profile is updated via /my/preferences/profile, it does so perfectly fine.

Case 2

This seems to work fine

up =, User.find(1))
params ={:custom_fields=>{:user_field_1=>"abc"}})

What happens is, in Case 1, the value is pushed to an array and is displayed as comma-separated values on /my/preferences/profile.

Case 2 seems to do the correct thing i.e. it replaces the current value with the new one but wrapping it in ActionController::Parameters is unnatural.


This does seem like a valid bug and should be fixed, thanks for reporting it!


My analysis comes down to this.

# case 1
u1 = User.find(1)
u1.custom_fields[:user_field_1] = "abc"

# case 2
u1.custom_fields["user_field_1"] = "abc"

In case 1, A new UserCustomField is created per call to

In case 2, All UserCustomField with the name ‘user_field_1’ are deleted from the db
except the specified.

All and all the symbol and string versions of the same key are treated differently in the HasCustomFields mixin.

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Ok, I went for it. Here’s the PR which fixes the issue


Ok, so this one is merged.