Incorrect posts timestamp after scheduled publish (topic timer)

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Yesterday we have posted our first topic that was published using topic timer feature ([Challenge] Word Transformation - Programming Puzzles - Codecademy Forums). The topic was prepared in the category restricted to the TL >= 3, and published in the publicly accessible category.

There were some posts in this discussion and they were successfully transferred, but something went wrong. Time indicator next to the posts created before auto publishing always shows 1m. And the timestamp shows that post was created in the future:

I expected that all posts will have the same creation date as the topic itself.


Is this a bug @tgxworld?

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It does seem like a pretty weird behaviour to me. Based on past discussions, I think we wanted to ensure things didn’t seem out of order so we allowed posts to be moved in the future. Unfortunately, our client side doesn’t display posts in the future very well.


@codinghorror I think for publish to category, we should just reset all the timestamps of posts in the topic instead of calculating/applying the time differences to the subsequent posts since publish to category is always going to result in timestamps being in the future.


Whatever is easiest and works is fine by me!


Fixed in


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