What is the behaviour of user mentions in private messages?

Will the mentioned users be notified or not? I simply want to send a list of our team members with their names and Discourse handles but it would be annoying if they would all get alerts for nothing.

(Searching online did not yield answers to this simple question, but that’s only reflective of my investigative skills; especially if this is in one of the basic support docs…)


I believe if you mention a user in a pm you get a warning that they won’t be notified. This happens before you post, so you’ll know when you try to do what you’re proposing.


I’ve not seen one of those warnings yet? I found a reference to it here, but I’ve not experienced it myself.

On a forum where I’m simply a user, I’ve @mentioned lots of people in a pm topic between myself and that forum’s admin. I’ve never had a warning before posting though (and the users weren’t notified).

I’ve just had a little test on my forum mentioning a regular user in a pm between admin and mod, and no warning was given prior to posting the @name. The user wasn’t notified either.

Though in both cases the ability to pm is off, so maybe that has an effect?

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Just sent that message, but there were no warnings, and it looks like mentioned users haven’t been notified.

Thanks to both of you for chiming in!


Can’t seem to edit my previous reply so posting an update as a reply: had to send a similar message, and there was the aforementioned warning indeed.

Not sure if I missed it the first time or there has been an update, but thanks again!

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