Incorrect user_field information - API docs

create user field

I see

  "user_field[name]": "string",
  "user_field[description]": "string",
  "user_field[field_type": "string",
  "user_field[required]": true

Are you sure ?

I think it should be something like

  "user_field: {
     "name": "asdf",
     "description": "asdf",
     "field_type": "confirm",
     "required": true

I believe that @blake wrote that documentation so let’s see what he reckons here.

Yes, if you are using Content-Type: application/json you should send it in like

The example in the api docs is using Content-Type: multipart/form-data, but I’ll be sure to update it to the json example.


Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 15.48.17

Thank you @blake

The problem is … i see application/json in the example (so that’s why my partner spent all hours to figure it out how to use this call)