Updating Custom User Field through the API

I’ve been trying to reverse engineer the updating of a user_field value.

I did this by following the steps in Reverse engineer the Discourse API, I edited a test user and made a note of what was occurring in the network tab of the browser.

I can see that I need to PUT to this url: https://example.com/u/my-username-here.json

Where I got a bit confused was by not seeing a json payload but instead it’s some formdata. The payload was: user_fields%5B1%5D=some+dji%2C+some+Autel&user_fields%5B5%5D=%40UKDroneClub&user_fields%5B6%5D=%40iKiteFlyer&user_fields%5B8%5D=test&timezone=Europe%2FLondon&default_calendar=none_selected

I only wish to update one user_field value,

It’s URL encoded: user_fields%5B8%5D=test

And decoded, it reads as: user_fields[8]=test

(8 = the id of the user_field I want to update)

How would I convert this form data value in to a json payload so I can then PUT it? :thinking:

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here but I am able to update the About Me section of a users profile via an API call, but I cannot update any of the user_fields.

If I monitor my browser when editing a user, I can see it PUTing the following:


I am using the following code to make my PUT api call:

' Add some Headers
request.AddHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")
request.AddHeader("Accept", "application/json")
request.AddHeader("Api-Key", strAPIKey)
request.AddHeader("Api-Username", strUsername)

' Add some form body parameters
request.AddParameter("bio_raw", DateTime.Now())
request.AddParameter("user_fields%5B8%5D", DateTime.Now())
'request.AddParameter("user_fields[8]", DateTime.Now())

Every time I make the API call, sure enough, the bio_raw value gets updated to the current timestamp (as a test).

But for some reason the user_fields[8] value is not updating at all. No errors, it just doesn’t update.

I’ve tried both URL-encoding it as user_fields%5B8%5D and also tried as plain text user_fields[8] but neither have any effect.

Am I missing something obvious here? :thinking:

AARRGGHHH :man_facepalming:

Yes, yes I was.


Prevents the editing of the user_field when the API call is performed by the user.

Of course it does :exploding_head:

If I rework my API call and perform it by system, it works fine :roll_eyes:


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