Increase visual difference between private messages and posts

Is it possible to add greater visual distinction between normal posts and private messages?

It’s very easy to assume you are writing a PM and actually be working on a post, or vice-versa. Especially new users don’t get a lot of hints that they are doing something other than writing a normal post. We’ve had users not realize they were responding to a PM and then think moderators had deleted their post when they couldn’t find it again.

I suspect it would only take changing the background color of PMs to give people a clear indication that something was different.

Could this be added to the default themes?

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No, we used to have it this way and it quickly becomes overbearing. If you want special styling, modify your CSS.

Ok, can anybody point me to an example that would indicate how to do this?

We add a class to the body tag, so it’s really simple

.archetype-private_message {
  background: salmon; // add a more reasonable color here

Lol. As you wish.


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