Increasing the poll limit

Is it possible to increase the poll limit at all?

One of the forums I moderate on has been trying to host a competition and we’re using polls for voting.

Thankfully this issue has cropped up before the actual contest is underway, but essentially the poll option limit of 20 items has caused us an issue and might cause further issue in the future depending on how many submissions we get.

(We are getting people to vote on themes for the contest before the actual contest and we had 30 theme suggestions which broke the poll limit of 20.)

Either a blanket increase in the number of poll items or a means of manually increasing the poll limit either per site (e.g. in the admin panel) or per poll (as part of the standard moderator options) would be ideal.

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Sure. There is a poll maximum options setting.


How would one access the setting to increase it?
Does it require admin rights or would moderator rights suffice?

Apologies, I skimmed your post so didn’t realise you were a mod. You’ll need to contact an admin to request the change.


Ok, but where would the setting be?

If the admin can’t find it I’d like to be able to direct them to it rather than just telling them “it exists but I have no idea where”.

The setting name was provided to you.