Poll maximum options

The maximum number of options in poll maximum options is 100.
How can I set the maximum number to over 10 million?

That seems like an excessive amount of poll options. :slight_smile:

What’s the poll question you’re thinking of where there are 10 million possible options?


The above is just an example. If it is possible to configure more than 100 settings, is it possible to configure 1,000 or more than 10,000 settings?

Hi LoveMCJ :slight_smile:

So far, I believe no one has asked such a thing.

We’re open to tweaking input max values when there are valid use cases (can you share examples of polls where you think more than 100 options would be beneficial?), provided that not much technical complexity arises from it.

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I am building a site with Discourse that has one of its main goals to encourage people to participate in voting on a topic. It is a forum site that aims to increase engagement more than just writing comments.

For example, tonight Liverpool and Manchester United are playing, and I want to set up a simple poll like this:

  1. Liverpool win
  2. Manchester United win

The idea is to spread the link of this post as much as possible, and attract people to our site.

Right now, the poll only allows up to 100 votes, so if there are more than 100 votes, no one can vote anymore. I want to change the setting so that the poll can have unlimited votes, like comments.

Can you help me with this? I sincerely want your help. Thank you in advance.

poll maximum options defines the number of the maximum options a poll can have, not the maximum number of votes :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s a hard limit to the number of votes.


I see, I misunderstood the options. Thank you for clarifying. I’m relieved to know that there is no limit by default.

I really appreciate your help. Have a great day!


I do like the idea of a 10 million team football match though. :slight_smile:

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Have a nice day~ :pray:

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