Increasing trust level for user when they primarily view as e-mail?

For users who would like to increase their trust level to level 3, they need to read many topics and post.
For a user who views most of the post via e-mail, Discourse does not have a way AFAIK to increase those counts necessary for reaching TL3 when the topics and post are read as an e-mail.

Am I correct that for those users the only way to increase the view numbers to reach TL3 is for them to visit the site more often and visit more topics and post at the site?

I am aware that as an admin I can promote them manually.

I’m curious as to why someone would care about their TL if they don’t visit the site. They won’t get the benefits of added trust anyway. Can you elaborate?


This is just my guess, but the conversation with the user started when I noted that TL3 users earn

Have all their links followed (we remove automatic nofollow)

The user does visit the site from time to time, but prefers to do most of their reading of topics via e-mail, also they do create topics and post replies. In which manner I do not know.

Honestly, trust levels are for people who are, well, regulars. If they don’t actually use the community much, they’re not regulars. They’re members, who occasionally use it. I have this with my forum; we’re seasonal. The only people who will ever really be TL3 are the ones who hang out year round. I’m okay with that. What use are the expanded features if they’re not visiting the site to read?

Anyway, if all your’e concerned about is nofollow, then maybe just turn off the option to add it?



Thanks for tanking time to respond.

To me, the image after the quote is a wrong image.

If the image was this


then it would be in more agreement, but in the reverse.

It it were like this

  links follow         Remove rel=nofollow 

which would be option for any user and not tied to a trust level,
then that would make sense

The demo is not to be considered a request, but a clarification of trying to understand the reply from Heather.

Poop, my bad. That’s what I get for multitasking. Sorry about that! I pasted the wrong screenshot. I’ve updated it with the correct one now.

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Yes, you are correct.

Discourse can’t know that they’ve read the posts unless they read them on the site. It just doesn’t make sense to assume that because someone has been sent an email that they have, well, done anything.


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