Indicate number of messages in folder

I have hundreds, maybe thousands, of messages in my private message folders and am trying to get on top of them. Is there any way for members to see how many messages are in each folder, e.g. the inbox, archive, sent, group inbox, group archive? If not, I’d love to see this feature added to discourse. It could be displayed in the top right corner similar to gmail, just to the left of the tracking pulldown.

While we’re at it, an unread messages indicator on the folder list as in gmail would also be extremely helpful. I know we’re not trying to get parity with email here but some indicators are needed otherwise it becomes impossible to manage messages.

We used to show them but I remember it was a performance hog.


hmm… maybe an admin setting so small sites can still benefit? or could we list this info somewhere else for only members and staff to see, like on the summary page?

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